Household products for one of America's fastest growing ethnic groups


Relevant Market
Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population. With 60 million people, Hispanic and Latinx Americans represent 18% of the population, the largest ethnic minority in the country, whose purchasing power is estimated at $1.5 trillion.

U.S. 2019 housewares sales by leading retailers reached $89B with the kitchenware segment at nearly $20B of this total. Cookware alone is expected to reach $4.6B by 2024.

tucocina® is Spanish for “your kitchen”, our target audience (70% speak Spanish at home) makes an immediate connection between our brand and our products. Our products are developed with the young, diverse U.S. Latinx consumer in mind and our brand is not strongly associated with a singular ethnic group. This earns the tucocina® brand recognition as Hispanic-owned and U.S. Latinx-focused, giving it an edge in engaging with Latinx consumers and Latin food lovers. 

The company leverages its eCommerce platforms to partner with national and regional distributors and retailers in key Hispanic markets to expand its distribution footprint.

tucocina® (1) Re-imagines the traditional tools of the Latin kitchen through innovative design, enhanced functionality and superior quality, and complement them with a full line of kitchenware. (2) Partners with retailers and wholesale distributors to make our brands available in key U.S. Hispanic markets (3) Creates brand awareness and consumer demand using both traditional and innovative marketing tools

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