Stove-top aluminum espresso maker

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This classic stove top espresso maker design made with heavy gauge cast aluminum extracts coffee's essential oils and acids for quick, easy and delicious espresso cups every time 

Energy Efficiency -  The cast aluminum body facilitates uniform heat distribution throughout the bottom chamber of the expresso maker.  Suitable for use on gas and electric stove tops

Durability – Sturdy design and construction, withstands daily heavy use.  Whenever you need to replace the filter and silicone gasket, we've got you covered!

Easy to clean – Rinse with clean water and air-dry components separately before reassembling. For best results, do not use soap as it removes coffee oils that build up in the pot chambers and may affect the flavor of your espresso

Handling – Its light materials and oversized heat-resistant handle and lid knob makes it easy and safe to handle

**In order to preserve the integrity of your aluminum espresso maker, we recommend using mild dish detergent, hand-wash only. We strongly suggest you do not wash your espresso maker in a dishwasher.