Non-Stick Stock Pots

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Heavy gauge stock pot with stainless steel handles are a stylish addition to your kitchen.  They are energy efficient, durable, easy to maintain and safe to handle around the kitchen:

Energy Efficiency -  The pressed aluminum body facilitates uniform heat distribution throughout the bottom of the stock pot for even cooking and efficient cooking times

Color exterior - Heat-resistant exterior finish make it easy to clean and maintain while adding a touch of style to your kitchen

Tempered Glass Lid – Heat-resistant, transparent glass lid with steel rim, safety valve and stainless steel knob, make it easy and convenient to keep an eye on your favorite dish

Non-Stick Interior – Non-stick interior surface allows you to cook with less cooking oil, which can reduce the overall fat content of your meals

Handling – Its oversized stainless steel “ear” handles make it easy and safe to handle around the kitchen even when using mittens or other safety wear